Why i’m standing


I was first elected to the Nominet Board at the companies Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2015. During my three year term the Nominet Board has overseen a number of significant changes including:

  • A tidy up and simplification of the Nominet articles of association, together with some of the terms and conditions.
  • A review of the DRS.
  • The introduction of the first ever price rise, met with some skepticism, but ultimately needed to keep the .uk name space competitive in a promotional driven environment.
  • The publication of the zone files and the complete list of domain names registered (including those suspended and without name servers).
  • Exploration of further potential revenue streams related to RSP and DNS / cyber-security
  • Successful recruitment and appointment of a new Chairman.
  • The decoupling of the Nominet Trust and the bringing of all public benefit activity back within the company.
  • The recent appointment of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to the Nominet Board.

In June 2019 the .uk SLD Right of Registration (“RoR” aka “RoFR”) will expire. This will finally mean all .uk SLD’s will be be registrable on a first come, first served (“FCFS”) basis, bringing them into line with widely utilised .co.uk and .org.uk third level domain names.

Dickie Armour is stepping down from the Nominet Board, and not standing again this year, leaving me as the only incumbent with three continuous years of recent board experience campaigning to be elected. As a Nominet member myself I feel continuity on a board such as Nominet’s is very important. My many years of experience in the domain name investor and secondary market sector as well as knowledge of retail registrar industry practices and expectations put me in a unique position of understanding the needs of both sectors, and ready for what would be my second term on the Nominet Board.

The past two years have given the Nominet Board two other newly elected non executives. Both Volker Greimann (KeyDrive, elected 2016) and Kelly Salter (Namesco, elected 2017) gained their positions on the Nominet Board for the first time, a year and two years ago respectively.

As the only existing Nominet Board candidate standing for election, if elected again, I would be in a position to facilitate the continuation of a functional board using the existing relationships I have built up over the past three years with both the executive and non executive members.