I am standing as a candidate in the forthcoming Nominet Non Executive Director election. Voting commences on 26th June and closes just prior to the Annual General Meeting on 18th July, 2018. This year the AGM will be held in London.

Voting will be conducted exclusively online and is open to current Nominet members. If you are a Nominet member I would very much appreciate your vote and for you to place me as your first preference candidate. Electing me will ensure that the board receives continuity from a candidate who has recent Nominet board level experience, from the past three years, and from someone who has an understanding of the wider domain name industry issues that affect both retail and reseller registrars as well as the nuances of the UK domain name investor and secondary market industry.

I feel it is important that the elected non executive directors are a representation of a large spread of Nominet members and I know that other board members agree with this view. The knowledge and experience I have gained as both a recent Nominet Board Member and as someone who has been familiar with the industry since 1997 will be beneficial as Nominet aims to maintain its position of operating a well run domain name registry as well as expanding into other appropriate markets.